ASCOM FITS driver (still beta... :)

The FITS driver can be used from scripts or other clients to read and write astronomical
FITS images. It provides access to many of the keywords of the FITS header via properties.
It is written in C++ and makes use of the cfitsio library.


The driver implements the ASCOM Image interface, which is still in pre-alpha state.
Here you can download a first proposal:  ASCOM_Image.xls  - 2003-07-20

COM-ProgId of the Interface:  "FITS.Image" (like "Meade.Telescope")

Download:  (contains FITS.dll) - 293k - 2005-03-03

Just unzip to c:\Program Files\Common Files\ASCOM\Image\
and register it (regsvr32 FITS.dll)

Sample scripts (right click - save as):

Open items:

Author: Matthias Busch (